Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It's hard to believe that 3 years ago I had no idea how to even open Photoshop. :)

In an effort to keep with the Type A theme, I've created a floral layout for the church. I did a trial run this past weekend with the flowers and could not be happier! It looks so much better than I thought it could and feels very classy and elegant. Granted, I'll need more flowers (of course, it's never easy is it?) but it will be so worth it. Since the ceremony is the most important part, it feels good to know that I'm spending time on it as well. So many people get caught up in the reception, which takes about 90% of your time to plan, and I want to make sure people feel the love that went into creating the ceremony as well. (And the love at the ceremony...awwww!)

Many of you have seen my inspiration photo but just to make sure, here is the photo I'm striving to re-create. This is Eva Longoria's wedding....no pressure!

*that's roughly $50k in flowers there people. Some things of Eva's, like her floral budget, will NOT be copied, haha!

I'm hoping to post pictures of my recreation soon but here's what I created in Photoshop to give the ceremony setup person a much easier time. Here it is! This only took 15 mins to create and I'm happy with how it turned out. I think it will make everyone's lives that much easier and will allow for a clean and quick setup.

Back 4 40" vases- 10 large hydrangea stems leaning towards center of room
Middle 4 32" vases- 8 Phaleanopsis orchids leaning towards center of room
Inside 2 24" vases- 8 hydrangea in traditional vase setting
Outside 2 24" vases- 8 white peonies in traditional vase setting
10,000 ivory rose petals scattered throughout vases, down the stairs and all the way down the aisle

That's the setup! And that's our church! The stairs and pulpit area (it's about the same size as a theater stage, haha) are HUGE so I tried to create a layout that would help bring everything in a bit. The wedding party will be standing on the bend of the stairs on the outside of these arrangements and there will be rose petals everywhere! There will also be rose petals (lots and lots of them) stacked on each side of the aisle to bring it all together. In addition, there will be two more arrangements on the other side of the girls. There will lots of flowers! The Unity candle and the Memory candle will both be on the white stand in the center of the photo.

I can't wait to see it setup in real life! And I can't wait to post how the flowers turned out!


  1. Wow you are one organized bride! I'm glad you are taking the time to make your ceremony as thought out as your reception. After all the ceremony is the point- the reception is just the after party! Looking forward to reading more of your plans, I just started re-caps myself!

  2. Bravo! It is going to look fabulous!!!