Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DIY Tissue Cards

As noted in a previous post, I knocked out another project last night, the Tears of Joy tissue cards! They turned out to be a really cute and easy project to finish and I love the way they look. :)

They were very easy to make and they're a big hit on Weddingbee! I started with plain cardstock, printed "Tears of Joy" on each piece about 6 times (including a double line border on top/bottom), cut those out and glued the ends to a 4x5 piece of cardstock I also cut to size. After that, I took some leftover tissues I didn't use in the bathroom baskets and tucked 1 tissue behind the band. Viola! That's all there was to it! :) I think this took about 1.5 hours and it was completely worth it. It also gave me an excuse to catch up on some long over-due House Hunters International.

I made around 40 of them so feel free to use at the wedding! They will be placed randomly on the pews with a few outside if you need extra.

This shows how big they are. (And it was a great excuse to get another ring shot in!)

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