Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends..

Well, I'm back and officially a Mrs.!! I'm trying to get used to calling my fiance my husband, still giggle everytime I say it, and working on the mile long list of things to do to change my name. Just curious, but am I the only person who think men get off way to easy on everything?? Lol!

As I wait, very impatiently I might add, for our pro pics to come back from our incredible photographers, within hours of our nuptials, our friends had already blessed us with some beautiful photos from the wedding! I wasn't one of those brides who tried to get people to not post pics on Facebook or wherever they want because if someone was so touched and excited to be at our wedding that we were put on their social network page, so be it! Plus it gives us an opportunity to see our wedding through their eyes and sneak peeks of what our pro pics might look like. :) There aren't many detail shots to show off our amazing florist just yet or our hours setting up on Friday final look but I'm ok with that for now. Here are some of the beautiful pictures captured by our friends and family at our ceremony!

And the reception!

We're now Mr. & Mrs. Gulick and I couldn't be happier with how everything went! These are just a handful of photos from the big day and so many more can be found on our Shutterfly site. I had to upload all of the Facebook photos other people posted since no one has uploaded anything yet and I hope more people add to it! It's such a great way to see everyone's photos, whether you're on Facebook or not, haha. I will be uploading pro pics to this site as well once we have them so everyone can see them!

As for the honeymoon, talk about a trip of a lifetime! We were in awe the entire time we were there between the staff and the beauty around us, the diving, the food, etc. We cannot say enough great things about Paradise Taveuni and I won't lie, I cried when we left. We made friends there and talked to people who have had the opportunity to grow up, and have never left, such a beautiful place. There were no bad days, no bad experiences, no bad anything! The island is populated with people who enjoy life, live a simple life and absolutely love being happy and around loved ones. The ocean was filled with sea creatures we had never ever seen anywhere on the internet and I even became an advanced diver while there! We dove one of the greatest diving sites in the entire world, The Great White Wall, and were on sensory overload the entire time. Nothing in the world compares to Taveuni. We don't have diving pictures up yet but here are a few teasers! A small, and I mean very small, number of photos can be found by going to to see a small sampling of our resort and what we experienced. It will take a few weeks to upload all of the pictures and movies but I promise to give you a heads up here!

Diving photos: