Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We have the Greatest Friends EVER

Yesterday I came home to find this sitting in the mail pile.

WOW, that's all I could say! The wrap-around label, the custom printing of our address, the LOVE stamp, it was gorgeous! So modern, so fun and so very thoughtful. I turned it over to open but someone *ahem* was also excited and beat me to the punch. However, he did such a good job of opening the envelope because the return address was in tact and it was very picture-worthy. He knows me too well!

I knew what was coming from here and couldn't wait to show Curtis! It's our shower invite!!!! Our wedding party is throwing us a Couple's Honeymoon Shower! Everything about the invite screamed Fiji to me; bright, cheerful, colorful and fun but was done in a very classy way. Our friends are soooooo good to us! :) I can't imagine the time (and emails) that went into making these but we are forever grateful for their efforts.

And without further ado, here are the invites! They are flat out PERFECT. And I'm obsessed with the wrap-around look; that is such a popular design right now and I love it so much!

The full suite; side 1. I love the Bon Voyage text and swirls!

The invite says "Please Join Us for Hors D'Oeuveres, Drinks and Cheer at Curtis + Frances' Honeymoon Shower" Why of course!!!

The full suite; side 2. Info about the party and registry information. Notice how it "wraps" around the invite. The wrapping is a theme throughout. So smart guys, so smart. :)

Details! I RSVP'd the second I got it and hopefully was the first one!

Per our request, the party is at our house. It's too perfect for parties with the large deck and downstairs area to pass up that opportunity. I am, however, being kicked out the day of, haha. I may go treat myself to a year long overdue haircut that day while Curtis plays a few holes of golf or something but the anticipation is going to kill me! I love surprises but after seeing this, I'm literally counting down the days until this shower. We really have the greatest friends in the world, EVER!

The invitations were designed and printed by Caroline Latawiec. After seeing these, she's booked for our wedding invites. :) More to come on that in a later post but this made me realize that while I love a good DIY project, there are just some insanely talented people out there who can take my ideas to levels I never thought possible. We have a meeting tonight to discuss invites and hopefully I'll have an invite mock-up to show you all soon! She is the most fabulous invitation designer I know and we're so lucky to have her available to help us!

WE ARE THE LUCKIEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!!! Thank you wedding party for putting up with my crazy ideas and antics for a full year already and I hope you all know how much you mean to us. We love you!!!!

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