Friday, June 18, 2010


Another DIY project checked off the list! My DIY list is getting smaller and smaller and I couldn't be happier. I love knowing that these little details won't be cast aside because I ran out of time as these are the things that really help make our wedding unique.
Each out of town guest will be treated with an Out of Town bag upon arrival as a welcome from us for making the trip! We have a lot of guests coming in from outside of Dallas and I want to make sure they know that we really appreciate their love and support. I already have the OOT (out of town) bags started but those are for a later post. :) One of the things I made for our OOT guests to go in their bags are custom door hangers! I'm really excited about these because they turned out better than I was expecting. They say "Shhh....Recovering from Curtis and Frances' wedding."

Before: boring piece of cardstock and a circle punch.


Door Hanger in Action!

I'm also making one for me and Curtis that says "Shhhh...Recovering from Our Wedding!" They were so easy to make! I printed 2 per piece of cardstock and used my circle punch to make the door hang. What do you think?! :)