Monday, June 28, 2010

The Packet

If you're reading this then you are already fully aware that your dear friend Frances is a full-blown Type A personality. Not only must I feel like I control every situation but I have major anxiety when I know there are some things I will not be able to control. So in an effort to control the uncontrollable, I make it almost impossible for things to fall out of control. It's my effort for my unstoppable force to actually move that immovable object. :)

Enter The Wedding Packet.

If you're involved in our wedding, you're getting one of these bad boys. :) I can't, however, take full credit for this 100% neurotic idea. My wedding mecca, aka, had another Type A bride who posted this as a template. So I tweaked it a bit but she did all the layout dirty work. Is it weird that I'm slightly jealous I didn't think of this before her? :)

It is an 18 page packet that has everything one might need to know about our wedding and their involvement. Each packet is custom created for each individual so they won't have to sift through things they may not need. And to hammer the nail into the crazy coffin, it also includes maps specific for where each person is staying and where they're going.

Each person will also have the phone numbers of key members of the wedding (coordinator, MOH, BM, etc.) as well as the number to call after 6pm Friday evening until Sunday at 11am. :) You see, I made this crazy packet as a way to put my mind at ease that things will run smoothly and try to relieve myself of all of these worries. My phone will not be with me on wedding day. AT. ALL. So all questions I can possibly think of on wedding day are already answered in said packet and who to contact if they're not.

I hope our friends and family don't take this packet the wrong way. Please know that I trust you guys fully and I'm not questioning your intelligence for getting from point A to point B. I just know that our wedding weekend will be stressful with so many people coming in from various cities/states and it helps to know the plans ahead of time. I am trying to avoid having everyone ask me where they need to be and at what time, and how to get there, because I know I will drop the ball if that happens. I find relaxation when I know the plan of something because then I can schedule what I want/need to do outside of that much easier. Besides, who doesn't love a good map? :)


-Logistics Overview- includes contact information of key wedding players, ceremony and reception locations, rehearsal dinner site and Event timeline

-Overview of Weekend Events- includes Event, time, date, location, point of contact, required attendees, optional attendees and a brief description of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, day of schedule outline for pre-ceremony, bride and groom locations pre-ceremony, ceremony and reception

*stop laughing, I'm not half-way done. :)

-Detailed Wedding Day Schedule- includes where people should be when, arrival times, hair and makeup times, picture times, reception timeline, etc.

-Maps and Directions- custom created for each person's packet. Directions from their hotel to rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, back to hotel, from hotel to bride/groom location, from church to reception and reception to hotel

-Travel Suggestions- room block information, phone numbers and room rates

- Detailed Description of Wedding Day Roles- lists each role, names associated with it and what those people are responsible for. This will be custom to each person's packet as well.

There you have it! The infamous wedding packet. And guess what, those helping with Friday's setup have a packet for that as well. :) Love you all!!!


  1. This sounds exactly like something I created. Be sure to use your monogram too! :) I was actually contracted by another bride to custom create one for her as well to give to her bridal party. It's all good! Everyone appreciated it, especially my friends who were uncertain what they should wear/have for each event. Each checklist proved beneficial and I was beaming when I saw that some of them even checked off their lists! Way to go!

  2. Yah!!!! :) I'm so happy someone will appreciate it! Haha, I've been made fun of a bit however I think people will really be happy in the end with the organization.

    And our monogram is on everything so yes, it made it here too, haha. I have the template if you ever need it!