Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ring a Ding Ding!!!!

We have become very close friends with the UPS guy lately. It seems everyday we come home there is a new package on the doorstep. Yesterday he dropped off one of my favorite packages so far. Curtis' wedding band! He found one he really liked online and we ordered it to see what it looks like in person. Turns out, we both love it! He wore it around the house for a few hours last night to make sure the size was right and the band wasn't too bulky. I was giddy and giggly the entire time. I must say, seeing him with a ring makes me happier than anything else we've done so far because I know that the next time he's wearing it will be when we're husband and wife. And THAT is the greatest feeling of all! :D

Yes, that's the ring package and yes, that's another package in the background. Boxes are everywhere!

I tried to get a close up of the ring but failed because I took these around midnight. It's a Titanium band with some variance of polished and brushed looks. It looked so good on his finger! I didn't get any pics of him wearing him mostly because I was just too giddy to think to find a camera. I can't wait until this is officially on his finger! :)

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