Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where the Water Meets the Road

  I'll continue on with more free talk.  Something we were considering that we're now sure of is that we are renting a car and driving to Port Douglas after our Liveaboard returns to land!  I'm particularly excited about this because the drive is so scenic and there is a LOT to see on the way. 

*Not the clearest video but the scenery is gorgeous! 

  Port Douglas is a highly coveted area to visit because it's the only place in the world where two world heritage sites meet; The Great Barrier Reef and The Daintree Rainforest.  The rainforest is home to so much of Australia's wildlife and spotted with parks and centers where people can stop by and see the animals up close and personal.  One of which, we plan to visit!

The Rainforest Habitat on the outskirts of Port Douglas. 

This habitat is a little different than the ones we have here in the US.  For starters, very few animals are behind any fencing or cages.  They roam freely, coming right up to tourists hoping for a quick bite. :)  While some might find this annoying, I think it's awesome!  Normally we have to elbow our way through parents posing with their kids or tourists climbing on the fences to just get a bad picture of the animals.  Here, you have a photo opp every second! 

Literally, everywhere!

Breakfast with the Birds.  They aren't kidding!
Up close and personal

  We wouldn't be able to explore without renting a car and driving from Cairns to PD very easily and it would end up costing a fortune to go to some of these places.  They're not that far away but cabs and buses add up quick in the land of Aussies!
  Capital One allows you to submit reimbursement requests for hotels, cars and other travel bookings of the sort (you can't submit a request for a meal.  You can, but you will probably still end up paying it) so it only made sense to hire a car while there.  Granted, we're going the super cheap route with a car that may only go 60mph but it doesn't matter!  The drive is worth going slow for and that leaves more free money for the rest of our trip and/or future trips. :)

Don't be jealous!

  No complaints here, it's free!  And when we're not speeding around Port Douglas in our snazzy mini-smart-looking-car, we'll be here:

Four Mile Beach
Four Mile Beach!  One of the most famous beaches in the world for it's seemingly never ending sandy beach.  Ahhh, I relax just looking at this photo.  :) 

How We Did It: Capital One Travel Reimbursements of approx. $130 for car
Would have cost: $130
Total Cost We Pay: $0!

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