Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Hotel #1- Cairns, Australia

  You may have remembered reading my post about Capital One's Match My Miles promo and learned that the miles can be cashed in for travel reimbursements.   Curtis signed up for both the Venture and Venture Business Card so what we though would be a hefty amount of reimbursements on our trip ended up being DOUBLE.  Thanks Capital One!

I present to you Free Hotel #1.  The All Seasons Hotel in Cairns, Australia.  We have a less than 2 days in Cairns before our liveaboard departs so to make the most of our time in Cairns, we decided to pick a hotel that was in the heart of the city.  Even though we knew booking these would be free, we still stuck with our original budget so we could splurge a bit more on our Bali hotels.  Also for free.

  This hotel is a steal from what we've read being only 2 blocks from the Cairns Esplanade and about a block from the beach.  The rooms look really nice and modern and on top of that, little things that most hotels rip you off on are included in the price of your room, like Wifi and breakfast.  It's not an overly fancy hotel but it's very clean and in a great location, 2 things that are key to a successful hotel stay.  

  Reviews are really good on a place this affordable and many hotels that are 3 times more aren't spoken as highly of as this hotel.  It's simple but the staff and cleanliness go a long way with travelers!  It's a little under $100 a night and in the expensive country of Australia, (still in sticker shock) that's about $80 less than what we were finding online for similar hotels. 
  So for free, we're getting wifi to upload pics from the day, filling up on a delicious breakfast to hopefully give us energy for the day, a 5 min walk to the Esplanade and a 6 minute walk to the beach. 
I think we did pretty good on this one! :)

How We Did It: Capital One Miles Travel Reimbursement of $200
Would have cost: $200
Total cost we pay: $0!

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