Tuesday, April 5, 2011

215,000 miles? Why, yes please!

  Think I'm pulling your chain?  Think again!  The Citibank promo for their 75,000 mile card offers are still going on.  Seriously.  So if you need miles, here's a very quick and easy way to score enough miles for a few trips over the pond! 
This could be you!

  The offer implies that this is good for first time Citibank cardholders only, however, a LOT of people have been approved if they've never had the "type" of card listed out below.  If you already have a Citibank AA Mastercard, I'd definitely try your hand at the three below, since you've never had a Citi Visa or Amex before.  The promo is still live with people getting instant approval as late as this morning.  Citi can pull this offer at anytime so start applying!  :) 

  The stipulation is that you must spend $1500 in the first 6 months of having the card, which is not hard to do at all once bills, groceries and all purchases you plan to make go on these cards during that time.  As long as you pay it off each month, the miles are totally free to you! :)  They all waive the annual fee the first year and the day the annual fee hits next year, simply call and threaten to cancel the card.  If they don't reverse it, cancel it.  A lot of times you're able to re-sign up for deals like this as little as 4 months later and they consider you "new customer."  (this varies from card to card so it's best to call and find out how long you're in the system before canceling)

Citibank Amex:  https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/Apply.do?app=UNSOL&sc=BXDDE840&m=7QAEZZUBZZW&langI%20d=EN&siteId=CB&B=X&screenID=3033

Citibank Visa:  https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/Apply.do?app=UNSOL&sc=4XKIW780&m=7QAEZZUBZZW&langId=EN&siteId=CB&B=S&screenID=3001

Citibank Business Visa: https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/Apply.do?app=UNSOL&sc=6VVZBHB0&m=7QAEZZUBZZW&langI d=EN&siteId=BAO&B=V&screenID=3006

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  1. Dang it, these are the two I got but only 30,000!