Monday, April 18, 2011

BA 100k Mile Bonus Offer

  British Airways is at it again.  In response to the recent Capitol One Match My Miles promo, other credit cards are taking note and stepping up the bonus offers.  Lucky for us!!!
  Right now, British Airways is offering 100k mile bonus for singing up for their card.  You get 50k after your first purchase and another 50k after you spend $2500 within 3 months of activation.  Pretty sweet!
  I'll break down the perks of this card and the not so perky parts below.  I've personally had this card before and still have 50k BA miles burning a hole in my pocket.  :)

- 100k miles for $2500 in spending you already planned on doing!  That's a lot of miles!
- BA is a One World partner SO that means you can use these miles for any flight that's in the One World Alliance
- BA is known to give much higher credit limits than normal so if you need a card to add to your credit to help open utilization, this is a great one to get.
- No foregin transaction fee
- Earn 2.5 miles for every $1 spent with BA and 1.25 miles for every other $1 spent.

Not So Perky
- BA miles are expensive to cash in for international flights.  They make the customer pay a fuel surcharge that's usually around $300 for any flight to Europe so keep that in mind when booking.  If you find a flight to Europe that's $400 total, it's worth it just to book it and pay all in cash so you earn the miles on the flight rather than waste miles.  They're best used to cash in for American flights domestically.
- You HAVE to pay the $95 membership fee yearly.  There is absolutely no way to get this removed/reversed without canceling the card.  Many have tried and all have failed.  

  All in all, it's a good card to have and it never hurts to have a few extra miles in your pocket for a quick weekend getaway!  :) 

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