Thursday, March 18, 2010

DIY Projects

Most people hire someone else to do the amount of work I plan on doing in just the short 7 months we have until the wedding but in an effort to keep our budget in check, and truthfully, moreso because I am what one may call a *ahem* control freak, I am doing them all myself. :)
Here is the list of all of the DIY projects that I'm doing, come hell or high water.

-make signage for dessert bar
-make drink tags for toasting champagne and cocktail hour
-make WE DO letters for cake table or guest book table
-make Unity candle
-bathroom baskets
-make food trays
-create invitations
-create full playlist
-make programs
-order guestbook (already created!)
-finish Out of Town bags
-make basket for "dancing shoes"
-make church door monogram
-make menu cards
-made signage for food stations, table names
-make alcohol drink list
-make escort cards
-rehearsal dinner invites
-make door hangers for out of town guests
-make petal cones
-make elevator cling

Crazy? Yes. Will it all be done before it needs to be? Absolutely. Will I probably double this list? Yep. But it's all completely worth it! This weekend I'm making the drink tags, designing menus and starting on the drink list. Here are some photos I'm using as inspiration for some of the items listed above.

I can't wait to start knocking some of the projects off of the to-do list! All of them take a little time and elbow grease but I think it'll help take the wedding from great to out of this world! Everywhere you look, there will be some small detail that I've dreamt up into a crazy wedding detail. :) And for those of you reading this, I hope you take note in that little detail. If one person notices it then it's worth it and I'll be happy knowing I gave it my all.

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