Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gocco Napkins

Yesterday evening I decided that I would spend some time Gocco'ing our navy beverage napkins we ordered a few weeks ago. I had a much more pleasant experience with the Gocco and I'm now completely obsessed with it. :) I burned two screens with numerous designs on them to get the most out of each one. I did a one of our monogram, one with our names in script, one with the letter G and another with the chandelier design I fell in love with on the last post. It took around 5 hours to complete all 500 napkins including burning the screens and re-inking 4 designs. The pictures look like dark gray napkins with orange ink but they're really navy with copper and gold ink.

I'll be making 200 more just to make sure we have plenty and these will be by the food stations and handed out at the bar with mixed drinks. I'm also making 100 red ones for the rehearsal dinner and those will say "Rehearsal Dinner" in gold metallic ink. Pictures of those to come later!

I'm so excited about this project because I thought it would take much longer to accomplish and it ended up being very simple, relatively quick project. And no worries; the ink doesn't rub off on your face when you use them. :)


  1. they look fabulous!!!!! good job Frank:)

  2. They looks great! Bring one tonight to Girl's night so I can keep my wine from perspiring on me :)