Sunday, March 28, 2010

Forget Something? No problem! It's in the bathroom!

Have you ever been to a wedding and realized you had horrid breath/a run in your hose/a small tear in your dress/realized you had BO? To ensure our guests are comfortable and well off during the reception, I created bathroom baskets! These are similar to the ones found in bathrooms at restaurants and high end bars. They are decked out with just about any and everything a person could need during the reception. Here's what the pool table looked like after I returned from the store.

For the women; breathmints (orange and mint flavors), gum (orange and mint flavors to compliment the breahtmints), sewing kit, spray deodorant, bandaids, Tylenol, Excedrin, clear nail polish (for runs in pantyhouse), pink Q-tips, strawberry hand sanitizer, travel tissues, emory boards, mini lint rollers, barettes, brush and comb, panty liners, hairspray, bobby pins and warm apple pie throat drops.

For the men; breathmints (orange and mint flavors), gum (orange and mint flavors to compliment the breathmints), sewing kit, spray deodorant (boy smelling), bandaids, Tylenol, Excedrin, blue Q-tips, frangrant free hand sanitizer, travel tissues, shoe shine kit, mini lint rollers and wild cherry throat drops.

I printed a small sign for the front of each one that says "Just in case you forgot something..." and used ivory ribbon to complete the look. This was another quick and easy DIY project and I know people will really appreciate the time we took to consider their needs.

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