Friday, September 10, 2010

Time in a Bottle

29 days away!!! I cannot believe I'm marrying my Prince Charming in 29 days! :) Ok, back to the subject...

I recently read one of the sweetest guest book ideas I've ever heard on none other than Weddingbee. The bride and groom write love notes to each other the morning of the wedding, their parents write notes to each of them as well and during the ceremony, all are placed in a box with a bottle of everyone's favorite wine, a gift from the families. Then on the 10th anniversary of the couple, they open the box, enjoy the wine and relive the feelings they felt on wedding day! Lots of 'bees are doing this now instead of a guestbook and since we already have a guestbook (thank you Ma!) and a Unity candle, I thought this was still be something special and sweet to have out at the reception.

I already made a sign that will go on the guestbook table explaining what to do. Guests will first sign our guestbook then move on to the capsule. Using small pieces of paper provided, they will write either their favorite memory of us, a small piece of advice or something they think we should do/where we'll be then place it in an envelope already labeled with a year. Guests may choose if we are to open it on our 1-5th anniversaries, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, 40th or 50th. Then, each anniversary of the year on the envelope, Curtis and I will open the box and read the lovely words from our guests to take us back to our wedding day. (getting teary-eyed thinking about this) What a wonderful way to really bring back those feelings the day of the wedding!

I don't have any pictures yet because the house is slowly becoming chaotic, haha! The wedding room has now been gently dismantled and the front room consists of a "ceremony" side and a "reception" side so I can feel that much more on top of the organizational process. I will post pics though as soon as I have them! :) All I need is a pretty box/chest, cut some paper, label a few envelopes and print the sign to frame. Viola! A simple project that I know will lead to years of happiness of reliving this special time.


  1. What a great twist on a lovely tradition! We are contemplating a variation of this tradition as well.
    Let us know how this works out!

  2. My friend had three for their fifth anniversary, 10th and 15th anniversary.

    Great Idea!