Sunday, September 12, 2010

Find Your Table

I'm on a wedding roll! I've started to print Escort Cards for those of our guests who have RSVP'd. (*ahem, gentle reminder if anyone hasn't RSVP'd that the deadline is in 3 days) I wanted to keep this classy and elegant so I printed the names on the front of the card in a gorgeous font and the inside will feature the table name they're located at. Our table names are some of the countries Curtis and I have been to together and the signage will be a picture of us in that country! I thought it was a good way to continue the subtle travel theme we have going on. :) Here are a few pictures of my parent's card:

And here is how I'd like to have it setup!

I love the rose petals and candles scattered between the cards and I'll have a large arrangement in the center of the table. This will be in the foyer of the venue as guests get off of the elevator. Since our guestbook and time capsule will be in the main ballroom, and this is the only thing in the reception foyer, I'm hoping crowding won't be an issue. I'm also going to have it set up as a round display where the cards are coming out from the middle of the table instead of having them all facing forward like in this photo. And of course it will be alphabetized by last name of the guest invited or married couple's formal name (mr. & mrs. curtis gulick).

I love the way these are turning out! And knowing I have most of them done already really makes me feel better about the entire wedding planning process. 27 days!!! :D

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