Sunday, September 12, 2010

Signature Cocktails

Even though we're having an open bar, I love the idea of having Signature Cocktails. So we are! I've selected 4 cocktails from each country we're featuring and they are delicious! The cocktails featured are:

Beijing Bellini- Dry Prosecco, Lychee Liquor (a sweet candy-tasting liquor)

Classic Italian Bellini- Italian Prosecco, Peach Puree

Mediterranean Sunset- Greek Ouza, Orange Juice, Grenadine

Rum Punch- Light Rum, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, Banana Juice, Lime Juice, Grenadine

The menu: I printed 4 of them and then backed it with metallic gold paper for a little pizazz. :)

I find that people generally enjoy having some sort of pre-set option at an open bar plus it makes it fun to try various drinks from around the world! :) All of the non-alcoholic parts of the drinks will be pre-mixed so I know they'll be mixed properly (I am SUCH a control freak, I'm aware) and then the bartenders will simply mix the alcohol with the pre-made mixes.

In addition to the alcohol, we'll also have the standard Coke and Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Water, Iced Tea, Coffee and non-alcoholic Champagne. (sparkling grape juice) I hope everyone enjoys cocktail hour and the reception! :) And maybe give a few people some liquid courage to hit the dance floor, haha! :D


  1. I'm so excited that the non-alcoholic parts will be pre-mixed!!! A girl can pretend, right!

  2. Haha, we'll have soda and tonic water to add some fizz to it PLUS we'll have sparkling grape juice! :)