Monday, January 31, 2011

Priceline Rocks

On to our Singapore hotel!  We didn't realize that Priceline was an international site but when we did, we put our deal hats on and started trying for hotels.  :) 

After about 2 hours of various price entering and hotel search changing, we finally got a hotel!  Singapore is not a cheap city, by any means, so in order to enjoy our time once we're there, we really wanted to save a bit on a hotel.  The average hotel room nightly rate in Singapore is $250 so we were going to shoot for less than $150. 

The hotel we got is awesome!  Another great find and while we were a little disappointed that it was a Holiday Inn, (we're not huge fans of chain hotels when traveling) we did love the price-tag and location.  It wasn't until we looked at pictures of this hotel did we realize just how lucky we got!

This is what they mean by "Atrium"

Modern, clean rooms

  We were so excited when we saw the pictures for this hotel because it looks just like the Grand Hyatt hotel in Shanghai in the Jin Mao tower!  We loved walking around that hotel to take pictures and it will be really cool to stay in a hotel that looks almost identical on the inside.

Jin Mao Tower
Interior of Jin Mao.  Same design!

  The best part??  We got this 4 star, average nightly rate of $260 hotel, for $120 a night!!!  For Singapore, that's pretty dang cheap.  :)  Any good Priceline deals lately that you guys have come across? 

How we did it:  Priceline, approximately 2 hours of trying for various hotels
Saved over $180 by booking through Priceline!

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  1. Got a $245 a night hotel in downtown Denver for $60 plus tax!