Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hong Kong Hotel

  We booked the hotel for the first stop on our trip!  Located in the heart of Hong Kong, after searching for hours on end for a decent hotel that didn't cost an arm and a leg, we found The Cosmopolitan.  (yes, the hotel is named after one of my favorite cocktails.  Fate!)  It's a stunning hotel with modern rooms, over-sized space for us Americans and a great view. 

   It's very close to some of the main sites in Hong Kong and the reviews have all been wonderful!  Since comparable hotels were going for MUCH higher, we didn't know what to expect for pricing.  We were thrilled to find, on their website, that this is only $77 USD a night!  A steal for downtown Hong Kong.  So after researching many other travel sites for possible deals or discounts for multiple nights, we found that the cheapest way to book this hotel was through the hotel itself.  A strange concept for us!  Sites like Priceline, Expedia and others were all quoting this hotel from $80 up to $200 a night.  So we booked it and can't wait.  Yah for deals!

  Other hotels we looked at that didn't make the cut:
And this place:
Hotel Bonaparte:  yes, this is the entire room. 

 How we did it:  tried and true research

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