Friday, January 28, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Starwood Hotel

Our hotel for Kuala Lumpur was our first hotel booked using Starwood points.  Super easy to do and we LOVE that you can use points plus cash!  It allows you to reduce the price of the room to a really low nightly rate without sacrificing all of your Starwood points in the process. 

It's a beautiful hotel close to everything we want to see, especially the Petronas Tower!  It's what KL is known for and we can't wait to visit.  :)

Although we really enjoy staying at local hotels and avoid chains whenever possible, the deal here was simply too good to pass up.  So we're staying at a Sheraton.  I'm so happy Curtis found hotels that allowed us to use Starwood points because it's definitely worth it!  This hotel sells for around $130 USD a night!  We're paying $65 TOTAL.  This hotel alone is worth getting a Starwood card.  (I swear I don't work for Starwood or American, I just love a good deal)

Here's how we broke it down:  You can book a full night using 4,000 Starwood points and not pay anything out of pocket.   The total for 2 nights at the hotel would be $262 out of pocket.  Since we're paying using some points and some cash, you figure out if it's better to do that than cover the entire cost of the room.  So we subtract $60 from $262, which is $202, and that's your "cost" of 3200 Starwood points.  By choosing to pay for the entire room with points only, you're not maximizing your point potential because 4,000 points is almost worth 2 nights of paying for the hotel outright.  Make sense?

Curtis had to talk me through that one a few times. :)

Here are some pics of the hotel!

Room- hoping to get a view of the Tower!
Hotel Lobby

The pool

Oh so pretty and fancy!  And I'm still in awe by the out of pocket cost, or rather, lack thereof.

 Thank you Starwood!

How we did it:
Starwood points: 1600 a night, 3200 total
$30 a night, $60 total
Nightly average cost of hotel: $130
We saved $200 by using points! 

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