Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Official Wedding Shoes!!!

I know I have posted about shoes before but alas, the Christian Louboutin beauties I blogged about earlier were simply not attainable. After reading many reviews online, I'm pretty sure that I'd be out a couple hundred bucks and barefoot at our wedding waiting on a shoe that would never arrive. :) So I began a long search for the perfect shoe. 5 purchases (and 5 returns) from DSW later, I ventured on to and found it. Not just any shoe; the Carrie Bradshaw "A Woman's Right to Shoes" SATC episode shoe. The shoe that people have swooned over for years now. And there it was, staring back at me on my computer screen. It's not a knock off of the Manolos in the sense that they're posing as Manolos but they're identical. And beautiful. And they make me so very happy and do a little happy dance around the living room. I finally feel excited about my shoes! :)

And my little bridal secret for the shoes :)

I would have purchased the identical silver ones that Carrie struts around in but the white ones came in my size and are just too perfect. I'm so in love and beyond ecstatic that I'm wearing a little piece of Sex and the City as I walk down the aisle. :)

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