Friday, October 16, 2009

Table Inspiration Photos

I wanted to do something unique and different for the table layout at the reception. I am so in love with the new trend right now to have what is known as the X table formation. In the center of the room there will be the head table but instead of having a few round tables or a long rectangle table, the tables are setup to form an X. This makes conversation flow a breeze, it will seat wedding party and dates along with our immediate families, and it adds visual interest to the room.

To really make this table setup stand out, the X table will be the main focal point of the room and most of the floral design will be on this table. This allows me to do something more creative on the tables surrounding this one and really go over the top on the head table. I hope to use hydraengas at the base of the table in rectangle vases on their side, position tall vases on top of those with orchids and roses displayed at the top, and tons of candles throughout the vases.

On the surrounding round tables for guests I wanted to bring in various flowers to keep the eye moving around the room. Each table will feature one flower choice and will be done in a dramatic modern setup. For example, one table will feature cala lilies so I'd love to have a 5-6ft tall vase in the middle with 2-3 stems of long stemmed lilies inside of the vase. The connecting element will be that all flowers will be white. It'll blend well but each table will have it's own style.

Some inspiration photos:

This photo represents a mix of what I'd like to do on both the head table and the individual tables. The single flower arrangement is highly dramatic and I really love the amount of glass because it reflects the candlelight so well.
I love the way the white flowers "light up" when light hits them. These are cherry blossoms and I love the way they look! This could be on the head table as well. I also love the height of the arrangements and I think this will look fabulous in that large reception room!
I cannot wait to see what all of these ideas look like once I put them into fruition! :)

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