Saturday, September 12, 2009

My First DIY Bridal Project

So I found some pictures online earlier today of these gorgeous pomandors to hang on pews in the church. I decided I was crafty enough to give these a try so on my way home I got some tissue paper from the dollar store, push pins, ribbon and a styrofoam ball. I simply cut round various sizes in the tissue paper and started pinning until it looked right. I couldn't believe how well they turned out! I plan on making around 30 of these and using either navy blue or copper ribbon for a pop of color. This took about 3 hours, including the time it took to figure out how to make it properly. I would say they take about 2 hours if you know what you're doing. I'm going to be adding crystals to the insides of some of the flowers for some sparkle and thinking of using an ivory sheen tissue paper for the real ones. I was pretty proud of my DIY skills! :)

*These are the actual ones. Pictures to follow in the next few days once the crystals are on but they look just like this.

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