Monday, February 21, 2011

You're a Star!!!

Well, you can be.  A Starwood cardholder that is!  I know I've mentioned numerous times and ways to earn miles using this card and why it's important to use it for additional mileage.  Because you get a bonus when converting points to miles, each dollar spent equals 1.25 miles per dollar, ON EVERYTHING.   May not sound like much but that's the difference between a domestic flight and an international one to the Caribbean or Mexico.  Hmm, for spending the same amount of money.  I'll take that extra passport stamp anyday. :)

   It's super easy to sign-up and every now and then, like now, they're offering an additional 5k points if you refer a friend and they sign up!  So your friend gets 25k bonus miles, no annual fee for the first year and you get an additional 5k miles, PER FRIEND.  Score! (friends, be on the lookout, mass e-blast coming your way shortly.  With love of course)

  Enough chatting Frank!  How do I sign up?  Here you go friends! :)

Get a Card!

Not my card number. 

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