Thursday, February 3, 2011

A break from the cold

So, like the rest of the US, it's ridiculously cold and icy here right now.  It's unusual to have a solid week of this in Texas as we normally have at least a day or two of "thawing" before it gets below freezing again.  Our neighborhood is completely iced over and we can't leave our driveway, even if we wanted to!  We took a walk around earlier today and ended up helping someone who was trying to leave our subdivision and almost went over an embankment into a creek from the ice!  I'm not sure why anyone would drive in this and we couldn't believe how many people were running into curbs, fences and through stop signs and stoplights.  Snow isn't a problem, it's the ice that's killing us!

That's snow, on top of ice.  The gray is NOT the road, it's the 2 inches of ice on the road.  

Under the pile are the children that scream every morning outside of my window waiting on the bus.  

As I sit in front of the fire answering emails and watching the Food Network, (it's a mild obsession) I tried to let my mind wander to all the warm places we could be right now!  If this weather doesn't make you want to book a beach vacation, I'm not sure what else will.  And so, without further ado, a little eye candy to warm us all up!  Enjoy! :)

Virgin Gorda- British West Indies
Kefalonia- Greek Isles
Positano Beach- Amalfi Coast


Turks & Caicos- Providenciales- Grace Bay
Warm yet?  :)  This will be here before we know it!


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  1. I totally know the feeling as I sit here in my apartment all bundled up. My mom & I are planning a post bar trip to Barbados:) This is one of the many beaches we will be laying out on: Love!