Friday, May 21, 2010

United We Stand

I completed the EASIEST DIY project ever a few weeks ago! I knew all along I wanted to make our own Unity candle instead of spending $30 on one since I could customize it. And lord knows you all know how I feel about putting that monogram on just about everything by now. :)
We had purchased some large pillar candles at Ikea over Christmas in a really nice ivory color. I had already gone ribbon crazy last year so I had lots of ribbon to play with. I also bought vellum paper around Christmas because at the time, I just KNEW I needed it. Sure enough, I did! All you need is a candle, vellum paper, some ribbon and hot glue gun.
I printed our monogram on the vellum paper and trimmed it a bit so it would fit on the candle. Here's the before photo.:

I wrapped the vellum around the candle, lining up the edges, and hot glued it to the back of the candle. I then took 2 pieces of ivory ribbon and made a border. Voila! I love how simple it is. I played around with different designs and poems but we both love how this turned out.

I then took some navy semi-sheer ribbon I would have never used otherwise and tied it to the candles we'll take to light the main candle. I may end up making a bow out of the ties but I kind of like how it hangs. What you do guys think?

So simple and another DIY project checked off of the list! :)

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