Sunday, July 31, 2011

Remember Me?

   I'm that girl that used to share great travel deals and recently jetted off to the far East for some R&R.  Well, we're back now and I'm very ashamed at my lack of postings recently.  We have been home for almost the number of days we were gone and have been pre-occupied with a new addition to our family. :)

   Travelers, prepare yourselves for the cutest dog in the world!  Miss Moet!! :)

We are just a *little excited to have her home and she is the sweetest puppy in the world.  So needless to say, with an 8 week old puppy at home for the last week and spending the 2 weeks before that "nesting" to get ready for her arrival, I've all but fallen off of the blogging planet. 

 With that being said, I may have more typos than normal for the next few months due to my little helper running around but I will definitely pass on many, many deals to you!  Good to be back!

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