Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting Started

  So many people want to play the miles game and very few know where to begin.  What do you sign up for first?  Who should you collect miles from?  How do I track what card to spend and when?  All valid questions and I have the answers!!

  I know you secretly read this blog for the clip art.  So I do try when I can.  :)

Anywho!  Below is a list of the things I should do first, in order of priority and importance if you're looking to get into the miles game.  I know it can be overwhelming so that's why I wanted to break it down for you guys.  Since I'm an American miler, I'll be sharing that info first since I know much more about it than other programs.  Also, this could change as early as next week with new deals coming out daily so if you want to get in, this is the roadmap for today.  Disclaimer finished.

First:  Make sure you have a frequent flyer number.  If you don't, shame on you and sign up for one!  American's sign-up page is here:

Second:  Think of all of the flights you've taken in your life and allow yourself to be pissed for all the miles you lost. 

Ok, next:  Apply for mileage credit!  There are some stipulations for doing this but if you've flown recently and want to try and capture those miles, you can do so here:

Fourth:  GET SOME MILES!!! Sign up for the first 3 cards below in the same day for a chance to get all 3 and almost a quarter million miles in your account.  You MUST use these links when signing up to try and get the 75,000 mile bonus on the card or you will be defaulted to whatever Citi and American are offering on their homepage that day. 

Sign up for the Starwood Amex and use this card for everything!  You get 1.25 miles per dollar since Starwood offers a 25% bonus when converting Starpoints into miles.  

Fifth:  Create a spreadsheet.  Stop mocking me and saying my husband has converted me over to nerd status.  Spreadsheets rock. 

  List out all of your credits cards earning miles, the date you have to spend on them and how much  you need to spend by that date.  Add those totals up and plan your bills/spending around those cards.  Most are very attainable but the entire process is worthless if you end up losing the miles because you didn't spend the required amount in 6 months.

 Sixth:  Sign up for Mileage earning sites.  Register ALL of your cards with Advantage Dining ( to earn miles when dining out and do as MUCH shopping through Advantage E-Shopping as you can. (  Tips and Tricks are listed below for ways to full maximize your mileage earning potential.

  That's it!  There is a ton of other stuff you can do but for getting started, that's a good roadmap to follow. 

Get it?!  I made you a roadmap!
Tips and Tricks
  • Need help meeting the spending requirements?  Remember the Mint!  More information found here:
  • Make sure you're only dining out at places that earn you miles!  It's a great way to try new restaurants and after 10 dines, you'll earn 5-10 miles per dollar spent!  Your first ten dines will earn you between 3-5 miles per dollar.  Remember the small places too like yogurt shops! 
  • Don't want to pay shipping or shop online through the E-Shopping site?  Gift cards are valid purchases! If you know you need to buy things at Home Depot, buy a gift card through the site and use it in the store.  You'll earn 3.5 miles per dollar for the gift card by using your Starwood Amex.
  • Have questions?  Making a big purchase or looking to earn miles by a certain time?  Leave a comment below and I'll message you to help you figure out the best way to earn miles for you! 

Hope this helps everyone!!! :)  Now get to earning those miles!

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